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Auto Shipping Michigan with Easy Auto Ship

Michigan is a unique state, as it’s the only one in the U.S that is made up of two individual peninsulas. Michigan also has the country’s largest freshwater coastline, which brings a lot of fishing tourism to its economy.  When you think of car shows, I’m sure the Detroit Auto Shop comes to mind.  This is the largest automotive show in the nation, which is why Detroit is known as the “Motor City.”  Two of the largest publicly traded companies in Michigan are General Motors and Ford Motor Company.  Other industries that make up Michigan’s economy include aerospace, military equipment, and information technology.  The weather in Michigan can vary drastically from hot humid summers to very blistery cold winters with lots of snow.

Car Transport Michigan

If you are being transferred to Michigan for work at GM or Ford, you most likely will consider using a car shipping Michigan service. Easy Auto Ship has a large list of preferred auto shipping carriers we use regularly. Michigan has many hard to reach areas when it comes to auto transport pick-ups and drop offs.  Easy Auto Ship is a preferred car transporter for many relocation companies needing car shipping.  We hire only the best drivers to ship our client’s cars.

Best Car Shipping Companies Michigan

Many of the vendors at the Detroit Auto show use Michigan Car Shipping Companies to ship their latest and greatest future vehicles to show off during the show to the public.  Many of them arrive in enclosed car transport trucks, as they are very valuable.  Enclosed car shipping cost more due to the number of cars they can carry is far less than open car carriers.  Enclosed car shipping companies also carry much higher cargo insurance to the value of the cars they ship being much higher. It's easy to get a car shipping quote from Easy Auto Ship.  You can get an instant quote by filling out the car shipping calculator, calling us at 888-687-3243, or starting a live chat with one of our car shipping experts. Our Agents will can answer any questions you may have for Auto Transport Michigan.

Snowbird Car Shipping Michigan

Like may other Midwest states, Michigan has many residents that travel south for the winter avoiding the harsh Michigan winters.  There are many cost factors for shipping a car from Michigan to Florida. With Easy Auto Ship, it's our job to find you the best car shipping carriers for your trip south. We have done all the weeding out and avoid the cheap car shipping carriers, as a lot of times they won’t have up to date cargo insurances or licenses. All our drivers are double vetted for their reputation and cargo insurance, and we also provide our own contingency cargo policy, giving you that extra peace of mind.

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