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Auto Shipping Florida with Easy Auto Ship

The state of Florida is known for many things. It's your biggest traveled to state for snowbirds, which is why a lot of car shipping is going to and from Florida.  It’s the southern most contiguous state in the US. Florida is quite large, with over 65,755 square miles, making it the 22nd most extensive and 3rd most populous, with over 21,000 people living there. Miami is the largest metropolitan for most populous urban area with many types of ethnicities living there.

Miami is also known as the melting pot of the US. Florida is a very popular vacation spot for tourist all over the world. Miami is the 12th largest urban economy in the United States and the largest in Florida, by far, with over $345 Billion GDP in 2018. Over 50 of the Worlds billionaires also call south Florida home.  Many wealthy people travel by private jet and ship cars to and from home while traveling.

Relevant Information You May Want To Know About Car Transport Florida

There are many things to consider when it comes to auto shipping Florida.  The biggest cost factor of car shipping Florida is the time of year.  Since so many snowbirds ship cars to Florida during the winter, it can get expensive shipping a car to Florida at that time.  However, if you are shipping a car from Florida at that time, it can be much cheaper, which is why a lot of Northern dealerships buy cars from Florida auctions during snowbird season. The cost to ship a car up north out of Florida is about 40% less than during the summer months.

Car shipping from the Northeast to Florida during the beginning of winter runs on average of about 900 dollars for a medium size vehicle. Car shipping on that same route going north out of Florida can be as low as 450 dollars. It's basic supply and demand for the carrier filling their trucks.  The direction the snowbirds are heading either drives up the cost to ship a car or drives it down. With those factors in play, to get the best price on shipping a car to Florida is to plan ahead of time and call Easy Auto Ship. Our Auto Transport Florida services are second to none and we have a very extensive preferred carrier network that we ship cars with regularly.  We also specialize in Boat Shipping to Florida and if you need a quote on shipping a boat, we are the best in the business.

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Florida Resident Can Rely On Our Car Shipping Florida Services

At Easy Auto Ship, we only work with the best auto transport companies.  We double vet all our carriers and make sure they have a very high safety rating with the FMCSA as well as good standing with the BBB.  When you request a quote to ship a car to or from Florida, you can rest assure you will get the best price and service from Easy Auto Ship.

We offer open or enclosed car shipping Florida services. You can request a quote to ship a car with our instant car shipping calculator, by calling us at 888-6987-3243, or by starting a chat with one of our car shipping experts.

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We strive to provide every customer with the highest caliber customer service possible. We value every single customer, and do our best to make the auto shipping process as simple and seamless as possible.

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